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July                                                                                                            September
"Autism Awareness Month"
The Insult

She put ink to paper, in nineteen seventy eight,
But the pain it inflicted would have to wait.
She told one son, then hid behind death's door.
Thus sealing her fate, forever more.

We always had each other, or so I had thought.
Until, in their web of lies, they were eventually caught. 
With their true feelings exposed, it now makes sense,
That the whole "family" thing was just a pretense.

"I have in mind, but make no provisions for...."
Having said that, she needn't say more.
Her legacy is that of an uncaring mother.
Loving only one son and certainly no other.

So, he gets it all, he doesn't have to share.
And he thinks he deserves it, he thinks that it's fair.
For a mother and brother to act in this way.
Is a lot more despicable than anyone can say.

It's hard to admit, but the facts are there.
She was my mother but she didn't care.
My memories are in ruin but my future is bright.
'Cause I know in my heart I did everything right.

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