"Autism Awareness Month"

"Mental Stability Month"
Daddy; Jan 20, 1970
George Bollerman; Jan 20, 1990
John Miskimmon; Jan 8, 1968
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Stephen Dziuma and Family
Jane: Dec 8, 2012
Granny: Dec 7, 1984
paul's mother: nov 16, 2009
Richie: Nov 13, 2004
Poppy: Nov 20, 1963
Ben Erlich: Nov 9, 1973
Lenore, November 4, 1982
Dasher: Oct 26, 2011
marion: sept 26, 1978
John: August 13, 1993
Nanny: August 2, 1960
Uncle John: August 11, 2006
Uncle Mike; July 18, 1944
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Celia: June 23, 2003
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Paul Knapp Jr:  May 27, 1989
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Nicole: April 5, 1989
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Mike Destefano: March 6, 2011
Uncle Ed: March 14, 1987
Aunt Flo; Feb 5, 2004
A big month;

 Alyssa's 25th B'day
Happy Birthday
Our yearly Lavan Anniversary Dinner

A "Brother Bonding" trip 

Followed by a vacation with Mary, Michael, Joe, Debbie & Coleen

Happy Birthday:
This Month:

Happy Birthday:

February 12th
Read the poem

Back to 
New Orleans
to celebrate our 47th 
Wedding Anniversary

Happy Birthday:

Another good eating holiday

Happy Birthday:

Join us in participating

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday:

Back to Fort Myer's Beach
w/good friends

Looking forward to:

Delray Beach Vacation

Happy Birthday:



Here we come Rhode Island

Happy Birthday:



New Orleans for Mary's Birthday    our second favorite city

Bring it on

Happy Birthday:



Happy Anniversary?
Dana & John

Alyssa, Dana & David-Ryan
in the Happiest Place On Earth
Aunt Nettie: June 20, 2016

Happy Birthday:

Uncle Mike; July 31, 2016
Arleen Knapp, Oct 13, 2016